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Tufts Health Together with CHA is a MassHealth plan created by Tufts Health Plan and Cambridge Health Alliance. Our goal is to provide seamless, high-quality health care to help you feel your best. Together, we embrace diversity, speak many languages and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

Thinking about becoming a member? We’d be happy to have you!

Visit MassHealthChoices.com to enroll in Tufts Health Together with CHA or find out about all the plans that MassHealth offers. You can also call MassHealth at 800.841.2900 (TTY: 800.497.4648).

If you have any questions about Tufts Health Together with CHA, please call our member services team at 888.257.1985 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re happy to help!

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  • Covered Benefits and Programs

    Tufts Health Together with CHA features a team-based approach to care and a broad range of benefits. It also offers programs and services to support you where you are in life.

    Health Care Benefits

    The plan includes all MassHealth covered benefits, such as:

    • Visits to primary care providers and specialists
    • X-rays and lab tests
    • Hospital stays
    • Prescription drugs and some over-the-counter drugs
    • Services for mental health and substance use disorder
    • Eye exams and eyeglasses
    For New Moms

    The plan also offers resources for members who are pregnant or just had a baby. They include:

    • No-cost childbirth classes
    • Help with breastfeeding
    • Support for high-risk pregnancies
    Helping You Be as Healthy as Possible

    CHA's population management program makes sure you get the right care at the right time. 

    • NEW - Flexible Services Programs
      These programs support eligible Tufts Health Together with CHA members who are experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, or housing insecurity. Ask a member of your primary care team to see if you are eligible. You can also email Flexibleservices@challiance.org or call 781-338-0397 to find out more.

    Learn more about Population Health at CHA.

    Other Programs and Tools

    Tufts Health Together with CHA supports your health in other important ways. The plan offers:

    • Support for common conditions, such as asthma and diabetes
    • Information to help you quit smoking, manage your weight and more
    Discounts and Perks

    The plan also includes these discounts and perks:

    • 20% off regular-price CVS-brand health items
    • $25 gift card to pay for a booster or convertible car seat
    • Up to $30 back on gym fees or fitness activities like dance classes, yoga and sports leagues
    • $25 supermarket gift card, $10 movie theater gift card or fitness band for completing your yearly checkup
    • $25 supermarket gift card for completing certain health activities (e.g., new moms who visit the doctor after delivery or members with asthma who complete an asthma action plan)

     This is a brief summary of plan benefits. EXTRAS are subject to change. Certain rules may apply.

  • Trusted Providers Help You Feel Your Best

    Tufts Health Plan and Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) are partners in a MassHealth accountable care organization (ACO) plan called Tufts Health Together with CHA. 

    In an ACO, your primary care provider leads an entire team focused on your health and giving you high-quality health care.

    Our goal is help you when you are sick and give you support to stay healthy.

    Visit MassHealthChoices.com to see if this plan is available in your MassHealth service area.


Is the COVID Vaccine safe for your children? Yes! Read more about why it's safe in this short Tufts Health Plan flyer -- English, Português, and Español. Visit our COVID Information page for more information about how to get your child(ren) vaccinated.

Population Health Matters

Find out from CHA patients about how CHA helps them improve their health.

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